CSE 2500 (Section 002)





ITEB 125, Tue/Thur 2:00pm — 3:15pm



Jinbo Bi

Phone: 486-1458

Email: jinbo@engr.uconn.edu

Office hours: Thur.  3 pm — 5pm

or by appointment

Office: ITEB 233


Greg Johnson


Email: gjohnson@engr.uconn.edu

Office hours: Thurs. 10 am — 12 noon

or by appointment

Temporary office: ITEB 140 (TA room)


Arun Abraham

Phone: 486-3654

Email: arun.abraham@engr.uconn.edu

Office hours: Wed. 11am — noon

or by appointment

Office: ITEB 140


Please see the course syllabus here.


After Spring Break, please refer to the HuskyCT site for the course webpage and course updates.





Week Date Lecture Notes HW Announcement
1 1/17 Introduction
1/19 Lecture on general introduction to variables, mathematical statements, sets If my handwritten lecture notes are needed, please send an email
2 1/24 Lecture on general introduction to relations, functions

compound statements: logic form and logic equivalence

Please read Chap 1
1/26 Lecture on logic equivalence, conditional statements HW 1 is out on 1/27 Please read Chap 2
3 1/31 Lecture on Valid and invalid arguments and Rules of inference
2/02  Lecture on quantified statements: predicates, truth set, universal, existential and universal conditional statements, and new connectives Please read Chap 3
4 2/07  Lecture on negations of quantified statements, contrapositive, converse and inverse statements of a conditional statements, negations of multiple-quantified statements HW 2 is out on 2/8 HW 1 is due today before the class starts, HW1 solutions will be posed to HuskyCT on 2/08/2012
2/09 Lecture on arguments with quantified statements, universal modus ponens and modus tollens, lecture on number theory – introduction Please start to read Chap 4
5 2/14 Lecture on various methods of proof (proving or disproving existential or universal statements) HW 1 is returned and grades are uploaded to HuskyCT
2/16 Lecture on definitions of even, odd, prime, composite, rational, irrational and divisibility HW 2 is due today before the class starts. HW2 solutions will be posed to HuskyCT on 2/17/2012
6 2/21 Mid-term Exam 1 Preparation hints will be sent through an email Exam 1 is a closed-book, closed-notes in-class exam (75 min)
2/23  Discussion solutions to mid-term exam 1, and continue on divisibility and unique factorization of integers theorem
7 2/28 Lecture on Quotient-remainder theorem, method of proof by division into cases, definitions of absolute value, floor and ceiling HW 3 is out on 2/27
3/01 Lecture on properties of floor, ceiling, and introduction of methods of proof by contradiction and contraposition
8 3/06 Lecture on comparison of methods of proof by contradiction or contraposition, Lecture on sequences, and introduction to mathematical induction HW 3 is due today before the class starts
3/08 Lecture on mathematical induction and examples of the proof HW 4 is out
9 3/20 Tentative schedule: Chap 5.3, 5.4
3/22 Tentative schedule: Chap 5.6
10 3/27 Tentative schedule: Chap 5.7  HW 5 will be out HW 4 is due today
3/29 Tentative schedule: Chap 5.8
11 4/03 Tentative schedule: Chap 6.1
4/05 Mid-term Exam 2 HW 6 will be out HW 5 will be due
12 4/10 Tentative schedule: Chap 6.2
4/12 Tentative schedule: Chap 6.3
13 4/17 Tentative schedule: Chap 7.1 HW 7 will be out HW 6 will be due
4/19 Tentative schedule: Chap 7.2
14 4/24 Tentative schedule: Chap 8.1
4/26 Tentative schedule: Chap 8.2 and Review of course materials HW 7 will be due
15 4/30 Final Exam Week