Sample Page

Page titles are red, with a gray underline. They use the Heading 1 font format.

Font Formats

You can change the font format into a heading. When editing the page, show the second row of icons by clicking the small grid all the right of the top row. Headings have bold colors, and more spacing to help separate and section your page content. For example, “Font Formats” is in a Heading 2 format.

The Importance of Font Formats

Headings are a great way to visually break up a page, they allow users to quickly scan to the most relevant section and start reading. In addition, good use of headings will increase your search engine rankings, while making your site more accessible.


Tables are a great way to display tabular data. That is, information that is defined by what row and cell it’s in. For example, measuring Aurora site traffic over time.

Aurora Statistics

Total Users Total Sites Pageviews per Month
August 2013 210 161 2407
January 2014 812 481 122,468
May 2014 1420 685 249,301
August 2014 1721 774 285,406

Do not use tables to layout pages or content. You will break your sites on mobile devices, as well as violate University web accessibility requirements.